Paul - Pittsburgh, PA

"I love them for taking brews to my brew club. It's just super easy to grab one fill a bottle and go."

Ryan - Redmond, OR

"The ease of use and simplicity of the clutch bottle cap really blew my mind."

Chris - Pittsburgh, PA

"Clutch Caps allow me to bottle my beer faster. Because they are so easy and fast to apply, I can cap each bottle as soon as I fill it reducing exposure to wild yeast and oxygen.”

Anderson - Ashburn, VA

"Clutch Caps are incredibly useful for homebrewers as they are a reusable solution for bottling.”

Shelly - Ashburn, VA

“A great way to stay green while homebrewing. I love this solution!”

 Justin - Pittsburgh, PA

“The caps work very well for both bottle conditioned beer and force carbonated beer.”