Yes, Clutch Bottle Caps form an air tight seal on the bottle crown of your standard pry-off bottles. The caps are great for bottle conditioning and sealing keg filled bottles. We tested Clutch Bottle Caps to contain pressure up to 50psi. Under normal conditions, your homebrew should remain under this threshold. Consider your options bottle conditioning beer styles well over 3.0 volumes of CO2.

WARNING: May contain contents under pressure. Cap may blow off causing eye or serious injury. Point away from face and people, especially while opening.

Yes, Clutch Bottle Caps allow you to seal your homebrew more freely with the use of your hands, eliminating the need for a bottle capper, and one-time use bottle caps.

Yes, Clutch Bottle Caps allow you to bottle condition your homebrew. Clutch Bottle Caps form an air tight seal on the bottle crown and contains the internal pressures created during the conditioning process.

Yes, Clutch Bottle Caps are reusable. Unlike the one-time use crimped bottle caps, Clutch Bottle Caps allows the homebrewer to use the caps over and over again with continued performance and success.

Our research has shown that you can use the Clutch Bottle Caps over and over again with continued success. Since late 2015, we routinely used our original prototype version (white), and the initial produced cap (purple). Over this time we brewed 14 beers, and used the white cap and purple cap over 25 times each for bottle conditioning and kegged brews-to-go. We will continue to use these same caps for our future brews and continue to count the number of uses.

Yes, if you keg your homebrew you can fill a beer bottle with your fresh homebrew and use Clutch Bottle Caps to seal the bottle. Share your homebrewing passion with your friends and family without worrying you may never receive your growlers or flip top bottles back.

Clutch Bottle Caps are dishwasher safe. You can also take the same approach and use the same products you use to clean and sanitize your other homebrewing equipment. You can add Clutch Bottle Caps to boiling water to clean, and then add them to professional grade soaking sanitizer to sanitize.

Clutch Bottle Caps are designed and intended to work with the traditional pry-off bottles with a standard 26mm crown. Such pry-off bottles come in a variety of sizes, 12oz, 16oz, 22oz, 375ml, 750ml, etc. Clutch Bottle Caps work with these standard pry-off bottles when bottle conditioning. Also, you can apply Clutch Bottle Caps to these size bottles when you need to reseal a beer to enjoy at a later time.

Your thumb and hand are the best tools to open Clutch Bottle Caps. Instead of searching for a bottle opener to open your homebrew, just use your thumb to remove the ring and then your hand to remove the cap.

Clutch Bottle Caps come in a variety of colors. You can find them available in black, white, blue, green, orange, red, and a variety pack that contains each color.

We anticipate to offer customized Clutch Bottle Caps. This will provide you the ability to order custom caps in larger quantities by color, text, fonts, logos or designs. Please contact us directly with any large or custom orders.